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BYSWO FITNESS- Build Your Strength Work Out

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Dream Deferred


BYSWO Fitness is not "just a job" it is a life style and a mentality. The head trainer, LaDarren Smith has been involved in the fitness industry for over 10 years. He has always wanted to help others achieve  success physically and build confidence. Until recently he was only able to train part-time, but since 2018 he is now doing his dream job full time! When you purchase a session you are supporting a dream. 

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Knowledge * Support * Results


Head personal trainer LaDarren Smith has a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and a background in atheletic skills training. He is dedicated to giving you personalized work out plans (and encouragement) to make sure you are successful.  

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Change will not happen overnight. You will need someone to help encourage you during the trying times. Let us help make your dream a reality. Health and fitness is something that only YOU can do for yourself. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Take 45 minutes out of your day and spend it with us!


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BYSWO Fitness Partners & tESTIMONIALS

Wrap-Around Behavioral Health Support


A healthy lifestyle change is something that takes effort and support. Dr. Clinton W. Smith has invested over 30 years of his practice to help people overcome unhealthy mindsets.

Styling Your New BYSWO Fitness Body


Style is an extension of your personality. It’s how you introduce yourself without saying one word. 

DaniGee is a personal shopper and style consultant. 

Let Danielle help add pieces to your closet and/or show new ways to bring old items to life. 

Client Testimonials


Great fitness training. Hands down the best! Very professional and very knowledgeable! - Matthew M. 

BYSWO Fitness in 30 days I lost a little over 20 pounds- Britney S. 

Don't Sleep on me or my trainer he is amazing- Tyesha M.


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New Clients

We love to make your first experience with BYSWO Fitness something memorable. We ask that new clients call or text  us and allow us to schedule your fitness assesment  so we can tailor your work-out experience. 

Current Clients

Curent clients feel free to schedule  your sessions.